ChartFill and OTTR Announce Seamless Integration Around Continuity of Care Requirements

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Rochester, NY – August 30, 2017 – ChartFill, a disruptive provider of intelligent record retrieval and aggregation services, has engaged in a new technology partnership with Organ Transplant Tracking Record (OTTR) Chronic Care Solutions to seamlessly integrate their platforms to enhance care team efficiency for transplant departments.

Adoption of ChartFill’s Access solution enables the rapid receipt of digitally digestible clinical data that expedites and informs the referral process, saves clinicians valuable time and reduces administrative overhead cost.  OTTR is a breakthrough patient tracking application and patient-centric record system developed specifically for solid organ transplant centers.

The ChartFill-OTTR collaboration allows end-users, via a single-sign on, to directly request and retrieve critical patient information that lays outside the current digital reach of their facility’s network. After the request is processed by ChartFill, the salient information is delivered directly into the specific patient’s record in the OTTR system.

“Solid organ transplant can be a very competitive market depending on where a hospital is based. It has been our objective since 1993 to provide these busy teams with intuitive, flexible and responsive software to drive enhanced access to information to support expedited decision making when possible,” said Mike Donnell, MHA, executive vice president and chief marketing officer, OTTR. “We also know that when caregiving teams feel less administrative burden and can get through support tasks faster, that frees up more time to be with patients during a time of great anxiety. ChartFill shares this ideal with us and by integrating our solutions, we are providing an unparalleled user experience and ultimately we will help these teams meet increasingly vital satisfaction scores.”

In addition to ChartFill’s Access offering for the compilation of relevant patient information in support of referrals, ChartFill also offers additional modules: View, offering real-time visibility into retrieved patient data for timely decision making, while the Identify component utilizes sophisticated analytics for patient matching to hierarchical criteria including appropriateness for transplant or a recruiting clinical trial.

“The ChartFill team is flattered that OTTR selected us to partner with in such an innovative fashion and together we are committed to delivering an exceptional customer experience. Over the last year ChartFill has enjoyed significant growth and market adoption, gaining interest from some of the largest transplant centers seeking to re-engineer existing workflows in need of a more modern touch,” said Michael Margiotta, founder and chairman of ChartFill. “ChartFill has combined the latest in optical character recognition technology with patented algorithms to provide the only all-encompassing solution capable of taking records retrieval several steps further. With today’s care delivery and reimbursement pressures, it is simply not sufficient to merely collect records. Only ChartFill provides the embedded intelligence necessary to provide the instantaneous insight that can expedite the referral process and timeline whenever possible.”

About OTTR Chronic Care Solutions

Since 1993 OTTR Chronic Care Solutions has worked to develop state-of-the-art software products that improve the quality of patient care, workflow management, and operational efficiencies for the healthcare industry. OTTR Chronic Care Solutions’ premier product, OTTR (Organ Transplant Tracking Record), is a break-through patient tracking application and patient centric record system developed specifically for solid organ transplant centers. OTTR Chronic Care Solutions currently has contracts with transplant centers in the United States and Canada and supports over 200 different transplant programs in the specialty areas of BMT, kidney, liver, heart, pancreas, islet, bowel, and lung. OTTR has created over 200 HL7 compliant interfaces into OTTR from various hospital information systems.

About ChartFill

 Launched in 2016 by serial health technology entrepreneur Michael Margiotta, ChartFill bridges many of the gaps for busy medical centers interested in intelligent medical records retrieval and aggregation. ChartFill’s delivery of digitally digestible clinical data expedites and informs the referral process, saves clinicians valuable time, and reduces cost associated with canceled appointments and diagnostic test redundancies.  Learn more about ChartFill at


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ChartFill Enhances Continuity of Care Processes to Improve Clinical Decision Making

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ChartFill today announced general availability of its Access solution for intelligent medical records retrieval. Access was built on next-generation software stacks and with market input suggesting that in order to be maximally effective, medical records retrieval needs to be more than timely and instead focus on specificity and searchability of patient information.

ChartFill was founded in 2016 by serial entrepreneur Michael Margiotta. With a passion for applying innovation to pervasive industry challenges, Margiotta leveraged his decades of experience in the medical records and data arenas to create a combined software solution and service offering that goes well beyond that of standard records retrieval. Read More